What Our Clients Are Saying

David Parker

“My name is David Parker and I am a contract news and production camera operator based  in Edmonton Alberta Canada. I currently fulfill a contract that my employer Aquila productions has with TSN the leading sports network in Canada. My duties primarily involve covering major sporting events in Canada, the US and around the world. I have been assigned to the London and Sochi Olympics, the World Series of baseball, the NBA and the NFL. My most common assignment is ice hockey and I have worked in 26 of the 30 National Hockey League arenas around North America.

Recently I was assigned by TSN to help broadcast the Vancouver Canucks Young Stars hockey tournament in Penticton, British Columbia Canada. This event hosts 4 NHL teams and their rookie players in a 6 game tournament over 4 days.While working this assignment I was asked by the principal of Lumalex Canada for my opinion of the quality of the new Aqualuma High Efficiency LED lighting they had just installed in the South Okanagan Event Centre. While setting up my Sony DVW 700 XdCam camera I found the light to not only be a perfect color and intensity but quickly discovered that more importantly the light was very evenly distributed across the playing surface. There was no shading or shadowing found anywhere.

I commented to the representative of Lumalex that I had never shot a hockey game with such favorable light conditions. In my opinion this new LED lighting is better than many NHL arenas that I work in and is a valuable addition the facility and its functionality. ”

David Parker Cameraman for Aquila Productions working specifically for TSN at sporting events in Edmonton, Canada and around the world.
Marissa Baecker

It was nice to meet you in Penticton during the NHL Canucks Young Stars Classic. As a professional hockey photographer I have covered many games in many arenas. I have photographed recreational hockey in community arenas right through to the NHL in Rogers Arena and the Scotiabank Saddledome. I have been covering the Young Stars Classic since its inception 6 years ago. Whenever possible, I strobe an arena as available arena light does not produce the best work as the ice surface is not usually evenly lit and the available light is not adequate quality for high speed action photography. When I walked to the ice surface of the SOEC this year the first noticeable difference was how bright the ice surface was, how evenly lit the ice was and how there were no ‘hot spots’ on the ice surface. White was actually white – not pinkish hue white. The lighting was a noticeable improvement and was a much talked about topic in the photographer’s room. The press photographers were pleased with their results and delighted with the new lighting. It makes such a difference to visiting media when they can showcase great work from an event. In today’s media market, media is more likely to send coverage to venues that will produce top quality work and the new lighting pushed everyone’s work up a notch. I am sure that SOEC will be attracting more national events with major media partners as a result of this improvement. Nice work! Yours truly, Marissa Baecker

Marissa BaeckerProfessional Photographer - Vancouver Canucks Young StarsShoot The Breeze Photography
Wayne Pasengrau

The City of Penticton and Spectra Venue Management have installed innovative LED lighting to the South Okanagan Events Centre, Okanagan Hockey Academy Arena and Memorial Arena upgrading from metal halide bulbs to the higher quality, more efficient and interactive LED system.

Partnering with the City of Penticton on this energy-efficient project, the estimated annual savings are 517,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year, reducing electrical costs by an estimated 75%.

“We are always looking at ways to reduce our carbon footprint and save money by decreasing our energy consumption,” says Wayne Pasengrau, Director of Operations at the South Okanagan Events Centre Complex. “This LED project will not only save electrical costs, but with zero heat-load from the lighting, we will see additional savings in the refrigeration of all three ice surfaces and air-conditioning within the facility.”

The LED lighting system, installed by Lumalex Canada, a Penticton-based company, will have no maintenance costs for ten years. Over those ten years electricity, refrigeration and air-conditioning savings will be upwards of one half million dollars.

Upgrading to LED lighting keeps the South Okanagan Events Centre Complex an industry leader in the Okanagan. The lighting now exceeds the standards set by the National Hockey League, which goes a long way to help attract new events and retain existing events, such as the Vancouver Canucks Young Stars Classic. This September 11-14th the venue is hosting the six-game, four team rookie tournament for the fifth consecutive year in Penticton.

Patrons of all three ice surfaces will notice a difference when they walk into any of the three buildings with the enhanced lighting, both on and off the ice. Not only is the lighting change more efficient, it also delivers more vibrant and consistent lighting, improving the fan experience both in person and on broadcast television.

Spectra Venue Management is committed to reducing the overall carbon footprint of the South Okanagan Events Centre Complex. Waste within the facilities has been reduced by approximately 75 percent in the past year and a half, by working with Progressive Waste Solutions to implement recycling and food waste reduction programs.

Wayne PasengrauDirector of OperationsSouth Okanagan Events Centre
Dean Clarke

In July of 2015, Spectra Venue Management, in conjunction with the City of Penticton, in British Columbia, completed the installation of new, highly efficient LED lighting in the South Okanagan Events Centre. The contract was negotiated with Lumalex Canada for the supply of the light fixtures as well as the technical support and onsite service during installation.

Our operations staff and I are very satisfied with the result of this new change over, as well as the level of support and hands on involvement from Lumalex. This was key to a smooth transition. The switch to their LED lighting has provided considerable advantages to reductions in our operating costs, not only for the lighting itself, but for the ice plant and air conditioning as well. We are tracking these savings closely and we anticipate a very substantial overall savings by year end.

This LED lighting has also provided our fans with a completely new viewing experience. It has enhanced all our events by providing higher, more even and crisper light levels. It is much more compatible with the equipment used by professional photographers and television broadcasters. Our Junior A Penticton Vees Hockey Club are also extremely happy with the new lighting. The player experience is significantly better as there is no shadowing or uneven lighting across the ice surface. Working with Lumalex and making the conversion to LED lighting was an important step forward in keeping the South Okanagan Event Centre on the leading edge for operating efficiency, fan experience, player experience and environmental impact.

Dean ClarkeRegional Vice PresidentSpectra Venue Management
Wayne Pansegrau

I am writing this letter to provide my endorsement of the Aqualuma LED Lighting Fixtures. I recently worked at the South Okanagan Events Centre in Penticton, BC as the Director of Operations.

I worked closely with Rob Campbell and Gary Martin from Lumalex Canada for the better part of a year to outfit community arenas and one 4,500 seat multi-purpose facility with their products. Our facilities not only were able to achieve an even light source on the ice surface, we were able to reduce our electrical costs by 75%. I recommend the Aqualuma LED Lighting Fixtures for the Kraft Hockeyville USA and Canada.

Wayne PansegrauPresident/OwnerTop Shelf Arena Services
Fred Harbinson

I have had the pleasure of knowing Gary Martin on a professional level for the past few years through Lumalex. I believe I have a strong understanding of what Lumalex stands for when it comes to the quality and professionalism they provide. I have coached at the Jr A and NCAA level for the past 21 years, developing over 50 players for the AHL and NHL combined; winning 7 Championships throughout the process.
Throughout my coaching career I have had the opportunity to work in some of the best facilities in North America; I can say Lumalex provides a product that is second to none. Gary and Lumalex have definitely enhanced the overall experience that both my players , as well as all our loyal fans have each time they step in our building.

I would welcome you to contact me if any further information is required.

Fred HarbinsonPresident I GM I Head CoachPenticton Vees