Pathway Light

The Pathway Light casts a flat beam of light in two directions for marina walkways and general land based pathways.

Made from die cast stainless steel this light is designed for many applications including marina walkways, driveways, parks and anywhere an illumination is required without glare. The pathway light throws a flat wide beam of light to produce accent lighting and safety lighting to areas where pedestrian traffic is likely. Colours can be mixed i.e. for a path it can be white on the path side and green on the lawn side. Also available in white and blue combination for marina’s. Combination can be customized.


  • 12V AC /DC
  • Current draw less than .2 of an amp @ 12 v
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Low cost install
  • Long life, high output LEDs
  • Can be driven over
  • Super slim profile
  • Throws a wide flat beam with no upwards glare
  • IP 67 Rated
  • Housing 316 marine grade S/S
  • Available in various combinations: white/white, white/blue, white/green, blue/blue, green/green and blue/green
  • 2 year warranty

Dock / Marina Light

Aqualuma’s premium quality Dock Light is putting light into docks and marinas around the world.

The all new 2013 Dock Light is a totally redesigned light and has a greater output than its predecessor. With 12 high powered LED’s and new optics, this is sure to offer a fantastic light display to docks and marina’s. The Dock Light has no metal parts in contact with the water and its leak proof construction eliminates corrosion worries, as well as withstanding environmental forces. Incredibly durable, its 12 LEDs are housed in a high-tech, polymer housing.


  • Cable length 6 metres (19.6 feet) of tinned submersible cable
  • Cable diameter 6mm/¼ inch
  • Can accept 12 or 24 volt dc
  • Current draw less than approximately 2 amps @ 12 volt dc and 1 @ 24 volt dc
  • High-tech polymer housing
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Long life, high output 12 LED light engine
  • Low cost installation
  • Fiberglass pole, nylon mounting bracket and 316 S/S pin included
  • Quick release bracket system for ease of cleaning
  • Available in Brilliant White and Ultra Blue
  • Light output as per FF12
  • 2 year warranty