Lumalex/Bluefin LED underwater lights are leading the underwater LED lighting industry. This extensive range of high quality LED lights are the best in the business, with many of the world’s top boats, docks and marina complexes being illuminated by Lumalex/Bluefin LED.

Lumalex/Bluefin LED has revolutionized underwater lighting with its thru-hull range, a unique upgradeable and serviceable LED underwater light. The Surface Mount is the ultimate in performance where a surface mounted underwater light is the only option. The spreader lights both come in two versions, Flush Mount & Bracket Mount allowing functionality and smooth styling for a wide range of applications. The Pathway Light casts a flat beam of light in two directions for marina walkways and general land pathways. The dock light is putting light into docks and marinas around the world.

NEW & updated product specifications coming soon. Please contact us for information and pricing.