2FT x 4FT Panel


Model No. L24P-35K-40
Actual Size 47.7″ x 23.7″ x .625″ (1.09″ with JB)
Power 40w, 50w, 65w, 110 – 277v     63w, 347v
CCT 3500k, 4000k, 5000k
Luminous (lm) 4100, 5225, 6205, 6300
Lighting Effect up to 105lm/w
CRI >80
Power Factor >0.95
Input Voltage 110 – 277v /  347v   AC, 50-60 Hz
Driver Output Voltage 27-42v, 1.5A
Work Temp -20° to +50°
Beam Angle 120°
Dimmable 0 – 10v and Step Dimming
IP Rating Damp rated
Lifespan 50,000 Hours
Warranty 7 Years

Product Advantages:

  • Direct replacement for traditional fluorescent tube fixtures.
  • Significant saving in power consumption and costs.
  • Minimal maintenance costs (materials and labour).
  • Minimal heat generation.
  • No flicker. Significant reduction in eye strain.
  • Engineered optic design producing even light distribution with no hot spots.
  • Flat surface mount design available. Fits tight to any flat surface ceiling.
  • Optional mounting frame available for flat surface ceilings.