LED Stadium & Field Lights

High-Power LED Modular Floodlight

The Stadium Series fixtures are a High Quality, High Powered, LED Modular Floodlight. They are extremely efficient, and produce up to 160 lumens per watt. In the case of the 1000w fixture, this is 160,000 lumens. They are also designed in multiple wattage options.

The construction of the fixture housing is forged aluminum and has been engineered as a very efficient heat sink. This provides for greater cooling and heat dissipation, which will extend the service life of the light fixture.

These fixtures are designed to be adjustable, both up and back as well as side to side. This allows for maximum light fill onto the playing surface. To assist with adjusting the light fill, there is a laser positioning tool that mounts to the side of the fixture and extends the light beam out, 200 meters.

The fixtures and wiring connections are waterproof which is necessary in sever weather conditions, rain, wind and snow. They are IK10 rated, which is the highest impact rating against damage. They are also Wind Load Certified for high pole mount applications.

These fixtures are well suited for both outdoor and indoor applications. They come with multiple mounting options and bean angles and will offer you superior performance and service life.

Stadium Series Product Range

Part Number LSL-07-G5-600 LSL-07-G5-800 LSL-07-G5-1000
Lumen Output up to 96,500 LM up to 128,000 LM up to 160,000 LM
Wattage 600W 800W 1000W
Luminous Efficacy 160 L/W 160 L/W 160 L/W
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
CRI >Ra80
Beam Angle 15°, 30°
Input Voltage 100-277Vac 50-60hz, 347 – 480V
IP Rating IP65
LED Driver MeanWell or Inventronics
Dimensions 65.6cm | 49.6cm | 19.5cm
35 LBS – no drivers
74 LBS – with drivers
73.3cm | 61cm | 20.7cm
40 LBS – no drivers
83 LBS – with drivers
73.3cm | 61cm | 20.7cm
40 LBS – no drivers
83 LBS – with drivers
NOTE: Drivers can be remote mounted

Part No. LSL-07-G5-1000

Part No. LSL-07-G5-1000

Part No. LSL-07-G9-1000

Part No. LSL-07-G6-1000

Laser Positioning Light

Waterproof Driver Box

Waterproof Junction Box

Anti Glare Sheild

Power Box

Power Box With Pole